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With over twenty years’ experience developing and operating service plazas in the New York metro area as GAZ Realty, Airport Plazas designs, constructs and operates "Airport Plazas" throughout the country at the airport to service the needs of airport employees and passengers. 


Airport Plazas is company built on the primary focus of melding decades of service plaza development and operational experience with fresh ideas for the changing needs of airports. Due to the heightened security measures at all airports, terminals have become less accessible to people that are not passengers or airport employees. With the bulk of airport terminal customers spending most of their airport visit beyond screening and security checkpoints, the availability of concession services has become extremely limited.


Airport Plazas works with authorities across the country to redevelop either excess land or tired existing developments. These projects afford airports with fresh new facilities that typically offer the following:


  • Fueling Station (gas, diesel, CNG, E85)

  • Food Court (Wendy's, Qdoba, Subway, Burger King, Manchu Wok, China Express JFK)

  • Bitcoin ATM

  • Convenience Store (7-Eleven, Circle K)

  • Car Wash (full service and automatic)

  • Service Bay (quick lube & light auto repair)

  • Services (free Wi-Fi & flight information screens)


The company takes great pride in operating very clean and well-staffed locations that are very customer focused. We design and operate under the understanding that time is everything at an airport. Our staff is trained to attend to customers promptly because a minute can feel like an hour when you are catching a flight or picking someone up.


Airport Plazas enters into long-term ground leases with airport authorities to build and operate these facilities. The scale of the project is driven by market conditions at each location. The size of the projects have varied from 1.4 acres (EWR) to 5.75 acres (JFK). 


George Abi Zeid


President & CEO


George is an experienced entrepreneur and real estate developer/operator who has led multiple ventures in both technology/telecommunications and real estate over his 30+ year career.

Charles Jubran 


CFO & Sr. Vice President -Finance


Mr. Jubran has over thirty years of financial and accounting experience. Jubran brings a structured discipline to the financial and accounting activities of Airport Plazas. Mr. Jubran holds an MBA in Accounting and Finance from Adelphi University and currently oversees all financially related activities for Airport Plazas.

Stefano Pascucci


Executive Vice President -

Business Development


As head of business development, Stefano's responsibilities include the development of new sites across the country, tenant and airport contract negotiations, as well as overall site design input. Mr. Pascucci is typically the lead person for preparing, submitting and presenting projects to the various airport authorities.

Alan Abizeid


Vice President -



In his role as VP of Administration, Alan establishes and maintains key business processes that insure standardization across all locations. Specifically, roles include property management, reporting, projections, vendor and tenant contract negotiations and site development.

Kimberly Luong


VP Finance


Kim is the controller for all financial reporting and procedures at our sites and works closely with the CFO.  Her roles include bookkeeping, billing & invoicing, payroll, deposits, collections, and providing loss prevention safeguards.


Edwin Reyes


Vice President Operations -



Edwin is a Sales and Marketing Executive who was able to turn- around companies in the consumer and pharmaceutical industry. He operated one the most successful truck and fuel stop facility in the Philippines in partnership with Shell Petroleum Company. He is currently the General Manager of Airport Plazas LLC business inside JFK airport. His responsibility is to grow 3 anchor tenants, Sunoco Fuel, 7-11 C-Store and Mark 7 car wash into profitability . Edwin also handles property and asset  management and tenant relationship.

Steven Ferriole


General Manager -



Steven Ferriole has been with Newark Liberty Plaza since 2013 and operates as a General Manager. He brings 20 years of management experience to the company and has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Shell/Jiffy Lube.  His primary functions are to oversee the operation and increase overall venue.

Mustafa Jamel


General Manager -



Mr. Jamal has over 20 years of experience managing fueling plazas in the northeast. A recipient of multiple awards of excellence from leading oil companies, his experience and drive for excellence results in a high level customer experience. Mr. Jamal has been trained by Mobil oil for their On The Run program and has recently completed 7-Eleven training for the new store located at LaGuardia Airport.

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